Assessment of LOs

Learning Outcomes and Assessment

Central to the establishment of learning outcomes is the determination as to how the outcomes will be assessed.

Here are 25 Question Stems Framed Around Bloom’s Taxonomy –  they are great prompts for designing assessments (pre-assessment, self-assessment, formative and summative assessment) and discussion questions.

The course assessments are designed for learners to demonstrate that they have achieved the learning outcomes.

Each learning outcome should be directly linked to at least one assessment in the subject.

The emphasis moves from content (what is taught) to outcome (what a student will be able to do, know and think). The emphasis is on learning.

Assessment and the link to a Taxonomy of Learning

Learning Outcomes match a specific domain using Bloom’s Taxonomy for learning.

Three Domains

  • Cognitive – knowledge, understanding, thinking
  • Affective – feelings, interests, attitudes, appreciation
  • Psychomotor – physical skills, handwriting, sculpting, key boarding, pouring fluid, throwing

Each domain includes several major categories. These categories are classified in ascending order of difficulty.

Speaker Presentations from the Symposium on Learning Outcomes, 2013